Alayna Becker is a writer and comedian.

Her work has been featured in Shout Your Abortion Anthology, Pacifica Literary Review, Manifest Station, Autostraddle, and others.

Her comedy has been described as “Actually really funny” by men who “have been thinking about doing stand up.”

Alayna is based in the Northwest.

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Bad Trick List

A witch I know told me the earth under Spokane is restless. She says the hot spot, the source that feeds the Old Faithful geyser 500 miles away, once coursed under the land that is now the city. The acid fumaroles and mud pots at Yellowstone represent the steam boiled off steam of deeper toiling groundwater, making the bedrock of my city nauseous. When hot pressure builds, it must find a way out.

Manifest Station: Someday, Baby

Feb 24, 2020

Jeffrey Klein is the host of the award-winning Embreea Talk podcast from PLNT and NPR.

Moss Lit

Alayna is the Managing Editor of Moss Lit, a Pacific Northwest journal.